Over the past year, DEXTShare has been our way of rewarding our community and the people who believed in us from the beginning. As you already know, 12 million DEXT tokens have been shared from the team itself as well as 90% of all subscriptions to…

For all Standard Holders

For those that still don’t know DEXT Force, you can read our foundational medium here

Since last year our goal was to create a strong community of traders and investors who benefit from our application and help each other and DEXTools to support our ecosystem.


One of the best tools we have in DEXTools and that differentiates us from other projects is the DEXT Score, we have noticed that despite having this tool, unfortunately, many people still fall into the typical scams that we see in DEXes every day and that could be avoided in…

Good morning DEXT Community, since the beginning we have worked to give our community the best trading tools for the DeFi Market. But we also understand that this requires dedication and a lot of learning on the part of the users to reach 100% of the potential of our application.


DEXTools is the industry standard and central hub for DeFi traders everywhere. We commit ourselves to relentless innovation and improvement of our Trading App.

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