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At 14:00 UTC+2 on BIKI Telegram, the AMA began with Rong Yao, BIKI Team Member and Frederic Fernandez Co-Founder of DEXTools.

Rong Yao(BIKI): Tonight, we are incredibly happy to be able to invite DEXTools Co-founder & Developer, Frederic Fernandez to be our guest in our BiKi Community.

Frederic(DEXT): Hi Everybody, I’m Frederic Fernández, Cofounder and developer at DEXTools.I’m glad to be here with you and Thanks to BiKi Exchange for having me here.

Rong Yao(BIKI): Alright! Lets kick start this session by a brief introduction of DEXT?!

Frederic(DEXT): Well, DEXTools Borns in a group of IDEX traders that join crypto in Late 2017-Beginning of 2018, as every people knows, in that dates started a very tough Bear market that drained our first gains. So We started to develop some trading strategies and building a primitive DEXTools for ourselves focused on IDEX exchange, where we saw there was many oportunities on 2018 and 2019.

Thanks to that our app becames better and better, and we thought that people will like it. The first step was to developt a strong and pretty UI and make a MVP so everybody could try it as soon as possible, but with our Full-Time jobs, the project was postponed many times.

When Coronavirus arrives, in the quarantine (Spain was sadly one of the countries more touched by the virus), we had more time to develop at our homes so we started to develop the beta in april 2020. In June 2020 we had the MVP so we decided to launch the project and list the token on exchanges. BIKI was one of the first to help us in our early stages, so thank you for that.

We are trying to build the best app for traders by traders, we already released a variety of tools to help Trading on IDEX and Uniswap, that you can test for free in our website.

Rong Yao(BIKI): Can you share with us some of the interesting and wonderful features of your project?!

Frederic (DEXT): Yes, of course, We started bulding based on IDEX exchange so for that exchange we have: Token Catcher, Spread Hunter, Wallet info, Ob search and Exchange data. For more info about these tools you can check our website or ask in our Telegram/Discord. Of course i will answer any question about it later.

We are also making things for Uniswap exchange ,we recently released our Uniswap Pool Explorer, with it you can see new created pools on uniswap and adds and removes of liquidity, we are really focused on Uniswap even though it wasn’t in our plans before because we see much potential on it in the near future. But all of that is nothing compared to what we will have in the final version. You will like it.

Rong Yao(BIKI): What are the latest developments you can share with us on DEXT? (roadmap, etc)

Frederic (DEXT): Now we are focusing on complete our Roadmap in time, trading bots are our priority and we think that is what will give our users a great advantage respect another traders, with the bots some of our tools becomes semi-automatized, so, as an example if you can now see the token catcher and put an order, in the future you don’t need to be in front of your computer to put it, you give the bot the parameters you want and it do all job for you, put the order, buy and sell.

We think it will be amazing.

After complete our roadmap our plans right now is to keep adding more exchanges on our Tool, so people could use it in their favorite exchanges. Also we are thinking in more tools to release but we are flexible with our development, we will try to adapt to what the community more demand of us. There is proverb in our Country, “The customer is always right”.

Rong Yao(BIKI): Thank you SO much for taking time off to answer these community questions today ,So with that we have come to the end of the AMA BUT… if you have any burning questions you want to ask now your chance!!

Begins Q&A session

Q: Hi Frederic, quick question, Is it going to be implemented any other feature for Uniswap or is it planned for the near future?

F: Hi , yes we are working on many Features, all that can be technically posible we will do it, now we are working on a token catcher for Uniswap, and a DEXT Uniswap OB, you will be able to put order and see other’s people orders for a token, so we can make our own Uniswap OB. That’s one of the few we are working now with.

Q: Hi, Frederic, any passive income opportunities like masternodes in the future? What are the advantages for token holders?

F: We are burning 20 million of the first fees collected in our app, we are also planning to do some more burns in the future, but the main use of our token is to pay the app, well used, our app can make you a good passive income by itself with little supervision. We are also planning more benefits for holders.

Q: Is maybe Uniswap itself a possible client?Could it be possible they hire your services, as ur building missing features they don’t provide …

F: We will try to improve all the things that is providing now, and adding some more as charts for coins, ob, and bots. Also our scam detector is becoming very popular. We are of course open to a colaboration with them.

Q: We’ve seen some features for Uniswap, and we know you’re planning to add other dex/cex to you app, but.. will there be more?

F: Hi , yes we are working on many Features, all that can be technically posible we will do it, now we are working on a token catcher for Uniswap, and a DEXT Uniswap OB, you will be able to put order and see other’s people orders for a token, so we can make our own Uniswap OB. That’s one of the few we are working now with.

Q: Question! How are you planning to sell your 100m tokens? Will it be announced? Will the price dump if you sell it? Or do you have like a strategic way to sell it to avoid price dump like 1pm per 1 month and split i it up in diff exchanges?

F: Yes, we won’t dump the market, the tokens will be locked at least until EOY .We will make soon a full schedule for token unlock, that we will try that it will be done in the longest time possible without hurting the project budget. (This question was later answered at our Discord)

Rong Yao(BIKI): We would like to thank you all for taking time off to attend this session, and more importantly the man, the myth, the legend Frederic for gracing us with his presence and insights!!

Frederic(DEXT) : Thank you too Rong Yao for your good Job, and thank you again BIKI Exchange for making this AMA possible.

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