2 min readOct 2, 2020

HEY DEXTOOLS COMMUNITY! We are excited to announce the “deployment” of the DEXT Force.

The DEXT Force is an exclusive group for our Premium members who hold over 100,000 DEXT tokens.

This group is intended to provide a platform for more intimate group trading discussion, collective investment activities if desired, more detailed strategy discussion relative to the use and optimization of trading with the DEXTools platform, increased engagement with the DEXTools team regarding feature requests, feedback, and testing. We will also share announcements, and project developments in the DEXT Force discussion room and encourage this to be a place to share and enhance our grassroots social media and member-based marketing programs.

The DEXT Force is a concept that has been developed using the ranking system of the RAF in the UK (because, well, it's interesting lol). Anyone that has access to this group will begin with the rank of “DEXT Force Officer”, and will receive a tag in the main TG groups reflecting this.

This is truly just the beginning in terms of what we have planned…

We are in the midst of developing a much more integrated “social” community infrastructure system where we will have reward structures for additional community engagement and activities which will also be available to non-premium members with opportunities to join the DEXT Force and advance “ranks” in other ways.

If you are a Premium holder and would like access to this group, please message an admin for your unique invitation link where you can confirm the token hold for “enlistment”.




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