DEXT Roadmap Update — November 2020

Hi DEXTools community and DEXT Force!

We have a new roadmap update for you all today, with many new additions to our future plans. But before we get to the new roadmap, let’s recap what features have been added over the past three weeks since our previous update.

Recent updates recap and highlights

Since our previous update, we have implemented the following:

  • Subscriptions system launched
  • DEXTShare (revenue sharing model for Premium tier) launched (additional to roadmap)
  • Premium tier features now included in Standard tier (additional to roadmap)
  • Wallet Info launched (Standard and Premier tiers)
  • Stablecoin pairs (USDT, USDC, DAI, TUSD) launched (All tiers)
  • DEXTools manifesto published on the website
  • 10M DEXT team tokens burned
  • Improvements to Free tier features (real-time transaction and chart data, up to four saved favorite pairs) (additional to roadmap)
  • Minor feature: ‘save position’ button to track your buys in Pair Explorer (Standard and Premium tiers) (additional to roadmap)
  • Gif, meme and sticker design contest (additional to roadmap)
  • Performance and reliability upgrades

Subscriptions system

The long-awaited subscriptions system was launched on 16 November, as announced in the first of this week’s Medium articles. In addition, and explained within the same article, we have streamlined our product tiers. Premium tier trading app features will now be available to the Standard tier, while Premium members now gain incredible economic rewards and incentives for holding DEXT via DEXTShare (see below).

With this update, users who want to access Premium tier trading app features can now do so by subscribing rather than needing to hold 100,000 DEXT (or 20,000 DEXT after the simplification of product tiers).


DEXTShare brings incredible economics rewards and incentives for holding DEXT. As announced in the second of this week’s Medium articles, DEXTShare will give current Premium holders a share of DEXTools’ subscription revenue. To subsidize this revenue over the first 12 months while subscriptions are still rapidly growing, the DEXTools team will provide an additional 12M DEXT from the team wallet to supplement the initial APY.

We expect DEXTShare to bring premium holders at least an APY of 77% based on our internal modelling of the conservative scenario. In our normal and bullish modelling scenarios, we expect the APY to hit 172% and 306% respectively.

Wallet Info

We also launched a new major feature to the trading app: Wallet Info. This new feature, exclusive to Standard and Premium members, allows you to save wallet addresses that you want to track. By saving a wallet address, you will be able to see all transactions made by these wallet addresses in transaction histories in Pair Explorer.

Using this feature, you can for example track whale wallets in a token pair that you are trading and see if they are adding to their position or dumping, in real time. This will equip you to respond fastest based on the whale situation in any given token pair.

Stablecoin pairs (USDT, USDC, DAI, TUSD)

Just yesterday we incorporated Uniswap stablecoin pairs to Pair Explorer. We are now the first in the market to deliver Uniswap stablecoin pair charting information and transaction histories. Make sure to check out your favorite stablecoin pair on DEXTools to get a huge trading advantage over traders not using DEXTools.

DEXTools manifesto public release

The DEXTools manifesto is a document that sets out our views on the purpose of DEXTools, our vision for a collaborative future with an ecosystem of innovative and valuable partners, and the ways that we are striving to make sure DEXTools is the long-term industry standard and hub of DeFi and DEX trading. If you are looking to buy and hold DEXT for the long-term, this is a must-read!

November roadmap updated

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We hope you are enjoying our feature releases. We have hired even more top-notch developers since our previous update, and we are storming ahead with new features and updates. It is only going to get even better from here!

Be in touch soon. Take care and safe trading!

#DEXToolsStandard #HubOfDeFi

DEXTools is the industry standard and central hub for DeFi traders everywhere. We commit ourselves to relentless innovation and improvement of our Trading App.

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