DEXT Roadmap Update October 2020

Hey DEXTools community and DEXT Force!

We come to you today with an exciting update to our project Roadmap. While we have been making development updates at full steam ahead, we want to give you all a sneak-peak at what is to come! This is a very ambitious roadmap, and we have four excellent developers to help us reach our goals and targets. And thank you, our community, DEXTools wouldn’t be possible without you.

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This is a floating Roadmap, so timelines are flexible. This is because we must be agile and responsive to industry, technological and community needs. In fact, many of our existing and future features are community requests. So please do understand that this roadmap, especially for items outside of imminent release, is subject to change.

Nonetheless, we think you can expect to see some of these imminent release updates in the next few days. (But let’s keep that on the down low, shall we?)

Be in touch soon. Take care and safe trading!

#HubOfDeFi #DEXToolsStandard

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