DEXTools 2022 RECAP

4 min readNov 24, 2022

Hello DEXTools Community!

Since DEXTools was launched as a public beta in June 2020, as a test, but also ambitious and exciting project, it was immediately confirmed as the leading DeFi platform for trading analytics worldwide, with a vertiginous growth since its origin, and becoming exponential during this year 2022.

Both the large number of different blockchains visible and easily accessible through the application’s own Pair Explorer (there are already more than 60 chains, and growing), and the huge number of traders who benefit from its wide and useful range of information and trading tools from anywhere on the planet (the record is 50 million users per month), have skyrocketed.

Its functionality has also been expanded and enhanced, with constant technical improvements on the app in order to make it more versatile to meet the demands of a growing and more complex saturated crypto market, but also with the intention of adapting it to the requirements and direct needs of a growing community of loyal users, who, from the very beginning, have been and are the main support and the greatest asset of DEXTools.

The already well-cohesive DEXTools team also forms a close-knit group with those who enjoy the app and because of that, this contributes to its improvement: alerting of technical bugs and suggesting useful changes in the usability of the platform, especially through the DEXT Force and main Telegram channels, which are always very active, such feedback explains part of DEXTools’ resounding success, no doubt. But there is much more, actually….

Security, power, versatility, innovation and trust are the key words here. Pool Explorer, Pair Explorer, Big Swap Explorer, Multiswap and Wallet Info are the main and powerful tools. From the DEXTools app, and both in its desktop and mobile version (Android & IOS), you can check live token prices, follow market movements, track favorite pairs and set useful alarms. The users have plenty of helpful resources at their disposal, such as a useful price and alerts bot and also DEXTscore for the different tokens, which gives the user an idea about their reliability as a guideline to prevent scams. In fact, security is a vital factor for DEXTools, both for the app itself and for those who benefit daily from its use, either for free or through the holding of $DEXT token, that extends the advantages.

This year 2022, as we say, has meant a huge boom for DEXTools, and this despite the obvious current crisis affecting the entire crypto world, in the midst of the bear market. This is parallel to the general crisis of fiat money and the stock market, to which the crypto ecosystem itself is no stranger, as it has suffered it on the rebound. Bad credit tokens have fallen, but also other theoretically stable such as UST from Terra/Luna, even leading companies like FTX or BlockFi have also been affected (sometimes because its bad practices) . For its part, the DEXTools native token ($DEXT) has weathered the storm well with some rises even, such as the most recent one in November. At the beginning of the Project 200 million $DEXT tokens were created, after burning 50 Million from the team, our deflationary system mechanism with a monthly burn by the team it’s working better than ever so its current circulation is lowering everyday.

Despite the inevitable ups and downs of the market in 2022, DEXTools has continued its investment projects through its satellite platform Dext Force Ventures. It has also emphasized its educational and informative work through DEXTools Academy on YouTube. It has participated in public talks and live conferences, but also in various online meetings to raise awareness of the platform and establish ties with the most important players in the crypto ecosystem. In addition, and with an eye on the future, DEXTools has also been involved in broadening the range of its strategic presence in the metaverse, by partnering with ambitious projects such as Outer Ring, a promising Spanish play-to-earn.

Below, we add a basic chronology with some of the innovations in DEXTools, always in a process of growth and improvement. Briefly, without much emphasis on detailing the multitude of new chains, whose work we will deal with in future articles.

2022 Milestones

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