It was already 1 month since our releasing as Project, in these last weeks, we were doing our best to give the community the best trading tool that we could develop in this little time, preparing the launch of our V1 at the end of this Q3. We are really happy of how the community has helped us in terms of support and feedback, we are very thankful about that.

One of the most typical concerns about our token is that it doesn’t incentivate holding until v1 comes, we were thinking in some ways of improving that , so early supporters will benefit also of holding (also with free subscription) , and here is the result.

As many of you have resquested, we are going to implement a perpetual token burn system to DEXT, in this way we will help our token to grow it’s value and rewarding our holders and early supporters.

The Token burn will work as follow:

As we promised we are going to burn 20 Million from the first fees. The way to doing this is to burn 50% of the first 40 Million collected fees, in a monthly base. After that is achieved, We will continue to Burn 10% of all fees we receive from subscriptions FOREVER. That means DEXT becomes a deflationary Token.

Example: If we get 500,000 DEXT from subscriptions, 50% of every subscription will be send to a burn wallet and burned at the end of the month, that means 250,000 DEXT will be burned. After first 20 million are burned, the amount to be burn will be 10% of every fee received.

Obviously we will adjust the subscription fees as the supply decreases over time. For more Questions, please Ask in our Discord or Telegram.

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