All credits to KRONOS and MAX MILLIONS, DEXT Force Members.

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Scour the internet (TG, Discord, /biz/, Twitter, etc.) and you see DEXTools being used as the crypto standard for trading information on a daily basis. With DEXT soon launching their V1 product, this is the ideal time to secure your access to the tool for below market-value price.

What is DEXTools?
DEXT is a multifaceted, interactive trading tool that will be paramount in your trading success. Currently ending their beta, DEXT provides trading tools such as: DEXTboard, Pool Explorer, Pair Explorer, Big Swap Explorer, Token Catch, Spread Hunter, and various other functionality for a multitude of exchanges. This includes Uniswap and IDEX with tangible, working products. DEXT has the ability to integrate their tools to work with additional exchanges such as Mooniswap, Sushiswap, and Kucoin which are all coming soon. Due to how responsive the devs are, if the community wants other exchanges included, they are willing to include them too! Whether it’s a DEX or CEX, DEXTools has the ability to help navigate your trading experience.

What sets DEXTools apart from other similar projects?
They already offer multi-exchange integration, over 120,000 unique daily users, token pair explorer, whale dumping notifications, new pair creation notifications, regular airdrops to premium holders, and TradingView integration with full txn history for high-demand and newly released coins.

Complementary bot trading is set to release Q4 of this year for all 100k+ holders. The project is so popular that over 10%+ of all Uniswap traffic utilizes DEXTools. The developers are completely non-Anon and interact daily with all community discussion groups. Their team integrates UI and software features almost immediately upon community consensus. DEXT leads the pack in innovation. Other projects rely on Uniswap API that has a known issue of freezing data. DEXT has circumvented this issue by pulling data from their own Ethereum node. DEXT continues to improve tools to become reliant on pulling from their own data source, verses relying on delayed data like other projects.

What do I need to utilize DEXTools?
DEXT is all-inclusive when it comes to benefit traders.
• 0 DEXT — Free Tier — Uniswap tools with limited use, delayed chart, no favorites, and less tx info
◦ Traders can opt in for basic tools with a 0.3 ETH/month subscription. A drop in the bucket compared to how much money you’ll make with DEXTools.
• 5000–19,999 DEXT — Subscription Tier — Access to basic trading tools for Uni/IDEX exchanges
◦ Holding between these amounts halves the subscription price to only 0.15 ETH/month.
• 20,000–99,999 DEXT — Non-Subscription Tier — Access to basic trading tools with no subscription
◦Extra coins can be held and sold for a major profit down the road
• 100,000+ DEXT — Premium Tier — Total access to all trading tools and holder incentives
◦ Real-time charting, no-fee limit orders when released, receive free token airdrops from sponsored projects, access to the DEXT Force Community, and bot trading in Q4.
◦ I cannot understate the value of DEXT Force enough as the group has multiple dozens of seasoned, professional investors trading real-time analysis of new and developing projects. Just following their advice alone will help boost your success.

The benefits don’t end there though. The DEXT team has been so overwhelmed by the success of the project, that they have decided to burn HALF of the team's tokens (50M). This will be done by burning 10 million each month for the remainder of the year. In addition, more DEXT will be burned from subscription fees by burning 50% of all paid dues from the first 20M DEXT and then permanently burning 10% of all subscription fees after that. This way there will always be an upward pressure on token pricing.

How can I learn more?

DEXTools is the industry standard and central hub for DeFi traders everywhere. We commit ourselves to relentless innovation and improvement of our Trading App.

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