DEXTools Telegram and Mail Alerts User Guide.

2 min readJan 30, 2021


Hi DEXT Community, as we receive many questions about how to properly set up and take advantage of the DEXTools alerts, here is a complete user guide step by step.


The first step is to have your account signed up and connected to DEXT, go to the user account tab and make sure you are using the Standard or Premium Plan.


Go to the Configuration tab and enable notifications. Put your email in the email box if you want to receive email alerts and follow the steps there to receive telegram notifications.

AT Telegram: Follow the blue link and open conversation with the DEXTools Bot and execute the command required, the bot will answer you if all is ok.


Now you are ready to receive alerts. Go to the Pair Explorer of the token you want to set up the alerts, IMPORTANT: you need to add it to favorites to be able to put alerts in that.


The alerts tab will be enabled in the tx history top bar. Just introduce the price you want the alert to trigger and click the green button. Your alert is saved and ready! You will receive it at mail or telegram depending of your configuration.

To introduce more alerts click in the grey button and follow the same step.

Thank you! For any questions contact us at our Telegram group.




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