DEXTools Update, New TIER Release and Subscriptions.

Dear DEXTools community and DEXT Force.

We have an update for you regarding the Subscription Structure that is currently set to be implemented tomorrow.

In having a thorough and final assessment of our “payment” structure completed, we identified a small but present issue in the system. Although it likely would never have been noticed, we absolutely cannot release a structure that has a potential risk for our users.

As a result, we are planning to do the following:

NOV 1st we will still be implementing the new account and wallet system (no more email addresses required and multiple wallet applications are supported).

The access structure will be:

1) Free — Now with no delay
2) 20k Holders for standard access (all current basic features, soon to include alerts limited and basic wallet info)
3) 100k Holders for premium (All standard features, DEXT Force participation and rewards, Alerts (unlimited) and Advanced wallet tracking system which will be incorporated in the next week according to the recent roadmap)

We cannot at this point process the subscription payments for non-holders or for 5000 DEXT holders, so we will be removing the delay entirely for the free version at this time so that those who intended to subscribe through the payment structure will still benefit from real-time data.

The subscription model will only take a few days to be confirmed secure and this will all be a non-issue. We wanted to make sure we respect the community members that purchased the hold levels for this date, while still providing the opportunity to use real-time data for our members that intended to pay a subscription fee for this function.

All function releases on the roadmap are not delayed and we will be releasing them as planned in the coming week(s).

We are excited to continue our progress as the #DEXToolsStandard and being the #HubOfDeFi!

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