DEXTools V1 (Public App) Launch Announcement

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Hey DEXTools community and DEXT Force!

We are so, so excited to announce the full launch of the eagerly anticipated DEXTools V1! On 15 October, we will officially turn on the brand-new core ecosystem that will power DEXTools’ industry-leading trading data and tools platform moving our application from beta into the “public app”.

We want to thank all of you for your patience. It has been a tremendous journey and we think your perseverance will be greatly rewarded. We can confidently say the new DEXTools will become the industry-standard and the central hub of DeFi traders everywhere.

We have come a long way to reach this moment. Our system was built from the ground up to be robust, scalable, adaptable and, of course, worthy of the DEXTools name. Now that we have done it, we can’t wait to share it with you!

The new DEXTools — the industry standard and central hub for DeFi traders everywhere

As you may have noticed, we have thoroughly tested and deployed the critical foundations of the new DEXTools and some sweet new features over the past two weeks. These foundations and features are all unique to DEXTools.

They include:

  • A brand-new robust, scalable and adaptable core. Thanks to the new core, we are ready to smash our record of 120,000 daily users.
  • An industry-leading API for our partners. We’ve got several partners that will soon be using our API connection, which means another revenue stream for DEXTools and more possibilities to grow.
  • A new tracker for project team wallet transactions. This will warn you if a project team is dumping their tokens and is an important deterrent against scams.
  • A new tracker for frontrunning bots. This will alert you if frontrunners are active in the token you’re viewing and help protect your funds from being siphoned by bots.
  • A new Gwei tracker. This responsive gas tracker draws from Etherscan information to show you the needed Gwei to make a transaction on the Ethereum network, so you don’t need to have another window open to check current gas prices.
  • More detailed token information accessible on Pair Explorer. A simple toggle will show you information on market cap, diluted market cap, circulating supply, total supply, and proportion of tokens pooled.
  • Other UI improvements. New icons were added to the hot pairs banner to identify newly-listed tokens and newly-listed hot pairs. You can also now quickly see 24H percentage changes in token prices on the Pair Explorer UI.

While we are already super excited to present these features to you, we are even more excited about what is coming next, in all honesty.

Upcoming features to be excited for

Now that the new core ecosystem has been deployed, we are ready to add functionality at an incredible rate for our users. We have been working behind the scenes to add these new features over the coming weeks:

  • Completely overhauled brand assets and design of and the core app.
  • Limit orders that will be able to be executed directly in the DEXTools app interface.
  • Full compatibility with a range of existing and upcoming DEXs.
  • Multi-Swap functionality.
  • A refreshed and more powerful Pool Explorer to boost your trading even more.
  • An expansive wallet information tool to track and learn from others.
  • Price and non-price alerts and notifications.
  • USDT base-pair functionality.
  • Uniswap bot functionality.

You can certainly expect to see many, if not all, of these features released in the upcoming days and weeks.

New subscription tiers to take effect soon

As we have previously foreshadowed, we will roll out a new subscription model with the release of the new DEXTools.

Here is a recap of the official fee system:

  • Hold less than 5K DEXT: Access to free DEXTools features on a one-minute delay, or access to standard DEXTools features with a 0.3 ETH monthly subscription fee, paid in DEXT.
  • Hold 5K DEXT: Access to standard DEXTools features with only a 0.15 ETH monthly subscription fee, paid in DEXT.
  • Hold 20K DEXT: Access to standard DEXTools features with no subscription fees.
  • Hold 100K DEXT: Access to premium DEXTools features, receive tokens from sponsored projects, and DEXT Force membership invitation, with no subscription fees. All upcoming features following the public release will initially be considered premium functions.

To give our users sufficient notice and time to upgrade their tiers, we will put in place a grace period of two weeks before the new fee models commence on 1 November 2020. We will be updating our website to reflect these pending changes to notify users who are not active in our Telegram chats, and will need some time to be made aware of these changes.

In short, it’s the time to get in soon, before the moon, to ensure you get continuing access to the best trading tools in DeFi.

What’s coming next?

This is an exciting time for DEXTools and DeFi traders. We have so much in the works that we want to share with you. The overall project development has completely outstripped our expectations, so we will be completely re-examining our roadmap into 2021. From an unprecedented explosion onto the crypto scene to the development of an unwavering community: Expect DEXTools to become the true center of DeFi trading.

Medium updates will be released in the coming days and weeks so you can see what is next for DEXTools. As always, we thank you for your support and are grateful for the strength of our community. Please continue to give us your feedback so we can make our products even better. Take care and be in touch soon.

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DEXTools is the industry standard and central hub for DeFi traders everywhere. We commit ourselves to relentless innovation and improvement of our Trading App.

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