DEXTools x ARTX Partnership Announce.

2 min readApr 2, 2021

Good morning DEXT Community, since the beginning we have worked to give our community the best trading tools for the DeFi Market. But we also understand that this requires dedication and a lot of learning on the part of the users to reach 100% of the potential of our application.

Thanks to ARTX, and its solution based on algorithmic trading bots, all those people who cannot dedicate so much time or simply do not like trading can now participate in the DeFi space through the ARTX platform, and simply receive those juicy dividends by owning the ARTX token, the DEXT team has decided to participate in this revolution that is the Yield Feeding.

For more information on Yield Feeding:

DEXT Force will be participating in the ARTX token seed round offering this great opportunity to our community too and public will be done in the amazing Cyberfi Samurai launchpad.

As a gesture to seal this partnership and to thank the DEXT team for their collaboration, the ARTX team has given the DEXT Force its own bot. The DEXT Force feeding bot, a trading bot that trades on Binance on an account under the control of the DEXT team.

As we have previously announced in DEXT Force premium group, ALL profits from this bot will be used to buy DEXT on the market and our plan is to add it to DEXTShare in the near future. As it is a prototype for testing and even though it has given exceptional results in its first month, which you can check in the link below, we are going to give it a grace period for the bot to reach a big enough portfolio to maximize profits and from that moment on all the profit will start to be used to buy DEXT in Uniswap.

DEXT Force feeding bot tracking:

Thank you to the entire community for your support and to the ARTX team for this awesome gift to our DEXT Force. Best wishes for your project.

ARTX will be listed on Uniswap on April 3, 2021. More details in their group.

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