Hello, DEXTools community, first of all, thank you for the great welcome you have given to our DEXTboard, there are already 4 projects sponsored there in a couple of days, and we are sure they are quality projects that will be very successful.

Apart from this, we want to share with you a decision we have taken in the last days taking into account the feedback from the DEXTools and crypto community in general.

It’s true that there is a gap between the subscriptions and the premium tier, and that’s why we have decided to introduce a new TIER for the basic subscription, but only holding DEXT tokens, without the need for a subscription:

TIER 2.5- Basic Version: Any user with at least 20k DEXT tokens will have free access for life to the Basic TIER while holding those Tokens, with all the features that correspond to that TIER.

This does not cancel the subscriptions and previous TIERS, and those users who wish to pay a subscription instead of hold will also have access, with 5000 DEXT you still get your 50% discount.

Regards to all Community and good Trading.

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