Introducing: DEXTForce Ventures

5 min readJan 9, 2021


Empowering the DEXTForce community with opportunities to consider early stage investments.

DEXT continues to follow the vision and focus that was outlined in the DEXTools Manifesto. A part of that commitment to the future of DeFi is to help entrants into the realm of decentralized trading by providing information and analytics that assist in better informed trading decisions.

DEXTools focuses on a unique combination of providing data and information to our users while also building opportunities for projects to spread the awareness of their initiatives.

One critical piece in the evolution of successful projects in DeFi is securing early stage funding to support the initial development, proof of concept and early marketing of their platform. We all know and hear of the “private sale allocations” that are offered to early stage investors and influencers but are generally puzzled as to how those allocations are secured.

For this reason, we are pleased to announce DEXTForce Ventures.

The DEXTForce is a powerful group of experienced, researched and committed DeFi traders and investors who, as a group, provide a significant interest and combined investment capacity. The DEXTForce is precisely the group of investors that early stage projects need to engage for these early private allocations.

Creating a Win-Win Environment

For private allocations to be successful, there has to be a tangible benefit for both the investors and the project. DEXTForce Ventures has been established to ensure that both parties are considered in all engagements.

The goal of the initiative is NOT to secure highly discounted allocations of a multitude of random early stage projects, but rather to identify a select few highly researched, uniquely positioned and well-managed projects where the likeliness of success is high. Subsequently, DEXTForce Ventures will partner with these projects in a meaningful way; both financially through investment and via our collective supportive efforts.

DFV Structure

This is the initial structure of the initiative and is subject to change via ratification by the committee. More detailed information will be provided as the committee solidifies all protocols.

DFV has established a committee (currently with 7 community members, which is subject to change). The committee will be responsible for a host of activities including: sourcing, initial negotiations, initial due diligence, DEXTForce feedback, securing the allocation, managing escrow and disbursements, and other administrative/research tasks.

All DEXTForce members who have been in DF before the announcement of each Project will qualify for participation in DFV projects. This is to ensure that only participating members of the DEXTForce will have access to such opportunities. Our goal here is to ensure that the system is not manipulated to simply access our allocations.

Once the committee identifies a potential allocation, they will compile a structured list of due diligence information on the potential allocation. This information will then be provided to the DEXTForce for consideration. Consideration will require the DF to DYOR on the potential investment and should consider the information provided by the committee to be BASIC and incomplete due diligence, and in no way an endorsement by, or on behalf of the committee, any individual or by DEXTools.

Once the information has been provided, with a 24 hour review period, the interested members of the DF will have an opportunity to pledge their interest in the potential allocation via a typeform submission. This pledge will form the basis for proportional allocation assignment in the event of securing an allocation.

With enough interest and a majority vote on the participation, the committee will then use the pledged amounts as the basis to officially secure the allocation.

Once allocations have been committed, the committee will communicate the proportional allocations to the participating members.

A multi-sig escrow will be established for the allocation deposits where 4 of the 7 committee members must sign for any activity on the account. For additional security, and to prevent issues with turnover of the committee, one member of the core DEXTools team will be REQUIRED to sign any transactions of the escrow multi-sig wallet.

When the allocations are received in the project token, the disbursements will be handled in one transaction in accordance with the proportional assignments agreed upon at the outset.

The DFV committee will secure a 5% fee from all deposits into the process as an administrative fee to cover the costs and time associated with the initiative.

The committee will NOT receive any preferential treatment in the assignment of the allocation, and will need to follow the same pledge process as all members of the DEXTForce.

Any participants in the allocation, must remain in the DEXTForce for the duration of the process to remain entitled to their allocation. If a member is no longer an active member of the DF when the disbursements are made available, their allocation will be made available to the existing participants and their initial capital will be returned if the demand is there for the allocation.

Why would a project partner with DFV?

The DEXTForce has proven to be a group of sophisticated and committed investors as evidenced by the membership in the DF alone. Early stage projects will benefit from long term participants in the DeFi space being their early investors.

DEXTools will soon be releasing a presale listings page in the DEXTools application. All DFV partnered projects will have a resident spot at the top of that presale page, with prominent display of the DFV partnership.

With 100k+ daily unique users on the DEXTools app, projects will secure many targeted impressions of their presales and public sales subsequent to the initial private allocations.

In the DEXTools Pair Explorer, there will be visual identification of DFV partnered projects after their launch of the token. This will remain as a badge of collaboration between the projects and DFV.

All DFV invested allocations will receive discounted sponsorship (advertising) opportunities throughout the DEXTools ecosystem.

All DFV projects will receive social media posts relative to their progress from the participating DF members, the DEXTForce social accounts, and the official DEXTools social media accounts.

DFV partnered projects will also receive opportunities for reduced cost marketing from our DEXTForce partnered influencers and will be discussed privately with partnered projects.

Next Steps

The DFV committee is already in active conversations with several potential DFV partners. We can expect opportunities for the DEXTForce members in the relative short term.

If you are not a current member of the DF, please make sure that you secure your spot prior to the announcement of the allocations, as you will have to have qualified for the most recent DEXTShare and remain an active participant in the DEXTForce to receive the benefits of DFV. This qualification assessment will be at the time of the deposit being required for the allocation purchase.

There will likely be many opportunities for private sale allocations that DO NOT meet the rigid requirements to have the coveted DFV partnership. In this event we will still present them to the DEXTForce for their participation.




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