Introducing the DEXTools telegram price bot

3 min readAug 12, 2021

Today we are pleased to introduce a new tool that you have been asking us for a long time during the last weeks, the price bot for telegram.

After receiving a lot of your comments and feedback about bots like uncbot or the poo price bot, we have decided to launch our version, with it, all projects and groups will be able to install the bot and have instant information about prices, liquidity and the chart of your token. It also includes the DEXTools link to the pair.

The steps are very simple, you just have to send a message to our bot @DexTools_Pricebot at Telegram and start it by typing /start.

It will show you the steps to follow to set it up that are:

1- Please add the bot @DexTools_Pricebot as admin to the desired Telegram group/supergroup/channel (for the best experience give the bot the right to delete messages to delete the /price message after sending the chart). Then go to the Telegram channel (you must be an admin) and register the token with /set_pair.

2- After /set_pair you first specify the chart number and then you specify the AMM network (ethereum / bsc / polygon) and the pair contract.
/set_pair 1 ethereum 0xa29fe6ef9592b5d408cca961d0fb9b1faf497d6d

A maximum of 4 chart numbers is allowed

3- (Optional) You can also set the desired chart type by typing the following syntax: /set_chart <chart number> <chart type>
Chart types: line / ha (Heikin Ashi)
/set_chart 1 ha

4- (Optional) You can also set the desired chart cool-down period (time before a new chart request can be done) by typing the following syntax: /set_cooldown <chart number> <cooldown minutes>
The cool-down period is in minutes, the minimum is 3
/set_cooldown 1 5

5- (Optional) You can also delete a chart using the command:
/delete_pair <chart_num>
/delete_pair 1

6-(Optional) You can set an custom button description for the charts by typing the following syntax: /set_chartname <chart number> <button name>
The button name has a max length of 80 characters
/set_chartname 1 DEXT/WETH uniV2

Members in this Telegram channel can request the price by sending:
/price <chart number>.

If now a chart number is given and multiple charts are defined a button choose list will show. You can find all pair addresses on the Dextools app (

As always for any feedback or questions, you can reach us at the DEXTools official telegram group:




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