Subscription system launch and simplification of Tiers

  • For users with less than 5000 DEXT the subscription fee is: 0.3 ETH worth of DEXT
  • For users holding at least 5000 DEXT the discounted subscription fee is: 0.15 ETH worth of DEXT
  1. Free tier (no holding or subscription requirements): Real-time charts, Pair Explorer, Pool Explorer, Big Swap Explorer, Multi-Swap, 1-min delayed Hot Pairs, USDT/DAI pairs (soon), other DEX integration (soon)
  2. Standard tier (hold 20,000 DEXT or subscribe): All Free tier inclusions, enhanced Pair Explorer transaction information, Wallet Info, real-time Hot Pairs, no banner ads, advanced Price Alerts (soon) and future app functionalities (including some not yet announced)
  3. Premium tier (hold 100,000 DEXT): All Standard tier inclusions, DEXTShare, and the DEXT Force membership
  • When is the subscription fee (in DEXT) updated?
  • I hold 5000 DEXT. How do I know I am getting a discounted subscription fee?
  • I have an active discounted subscription. What happens if my DEXT balance falls below 5000 DEXT?
  • Why has DEXTools not implemented a smart contract for subscriptions?



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