Subscription system launch and simplification of Tiers

5 min readNov 16, 2020

Hi DEXTools Community and DEXT Force!

Today we are proud to officially launch the DEXTools subscription system. Free users can now access Standard tier features by paying a monthly subscription fee.

Current subscription fees are:

  • For users with less than 5000 DEXT the subscription fee is: 0.3 ETH worth of DEXT
  • For users holding at least 5000 DEXT the discounted subscription fee is: 0.15 ETH worth of DEXT

Update to the functionalities of the Free, Standard and Premium tiers

Coinciding with the official launch of the subscription system and an upcoming major announcement for premium holders, we have decided to streamline the Free, Standard and Premium tiers. We will release an updated feature list to the DEXTools website soon, but please refer to the following list for now:

  1. Free tier (no holding or subscription requirements): Real-time charts, Pair Explorer, Pool Explorer, Big Swap Explorer, Multi-Swap, 1-min delayed Hot Pairs, USDT/DAI pairs (soon), other DEX integration (soon)
  2. Standard tier (hold 20,000 DEXT or subscribe): All Free tier inclusions, enhanced Pair Explorer transaction information, Wallet Info, real-time Hot Pairs, no banner ads, advanced Price Alerts (soon) and future app functionalities (including some not yet announced)
  3. Premium tier (hold 100,000 DEXT): All Standard tier inclusions, DEXTShare, and the DEXT Force membership

We will soon make an announcement on DEXTShare for premium holders. With this forthcoming major announcement, we have decided to bring all features previously intended for the Premium tier to the Standard tier. This change simplifies the functionality differences between tiers to essentially two groups of tiers: (1) Free tier, and (2) Standard and Premium tiers.

We made this change in response to community feedback as we have heard users want to access Premium tier features without needing to hold 100,000 DEXT. We have now made this possible. Users can now access all of these trading app features by buying a monthly subscription. This will ensure that the Standard tier is a compelling option for traders who want to maximize their trading advantages.

This month has also seen new benefits for Free users. On 1 November we announced that we were temporarily removing the Pair Explorer delay for Free users. Today, we officially confirm that we will be removing this delay forever. Within the past two weeks, we have also allowed Free users to save four favorite token pairs. Going forwards, we commit to continue bringing industry-leading DEX trading features to our Free tier, such that the Standard tier will be the only superior product in the entire market. With this approach, we reinforce our vision of DEXTools as the Hub of DeFi.

How to subscribe

We have designed the system to be secure, easy and fast for users to subscribe.

If you hold less than 20,000 DEXT in the wallet attached to your DEXTools account, you will see a similar screen to the above in the new User Account page. It will display your current DEXT balance and show whether you have an active subscription. If you do not have an active subscription, it will show you the monthly subscription fee in DEXT and the wallet address you will need to pay to purchase a subscription.

To subscribe, send the displayed subscription fee to the destination wallet address from the wallet attached to your DEXTools account. Once the transaction is verified, your DEXTools account will be updated to reflect your active subscription, generally within one or two minutes. Once your subscription is verified, you should see a similar screen to the below.

Subscription system FAQ

  • When is the subscription fee (in DEXT) updated?

The DEXT price will initially be updated once a day at the hour showed in the app. It’s very likely to be updated more often in further versions.

  • I hold 5000 DEXT. How do I know I am getting a discounted subscription fee?

You will need to hold 5000 DEXT plus the discounted subscription fee in your wallet to gain access to the discounted subscription fee. This is intended to prevent the DEXT balance in your wallet falling below 5000 DEXT. If you meet this condition, the system will display the discounted subscription fee instead of the full subscription fee.

  • I have an active discounted subscription. What happens if my DEXT balance falls below 5000 DEXT?

You must maintain at least 5000 DEXT in your wallet to have access to a discounted subscription. If you sell or move your DEXT and your balance falls below 5000 DEXT, your subscription will be suspended. You will need to either pay the remainder of the non-discounted subscription fee, or to top up your DEXT balance to 5000 DEXT, to reinstate your subscription and regain access to Standard tier features.

  • Why has DEXTools not implemented a smart contract for subscriptions?

At this stage, we do not want to require users to provide permission for wallet access. We want to avoid the possibility of contract risk. In the future, we will look to implement a smart contract solution to subscriptions.


Innovation is a tough and continual process, but we find it very rewarding when it results in new features and possibilities that are loved by our users. Our development process has always referred closely to community feedback. In fact, our major features have all been shaped by community feedback in some way.

With the launch of the subscription system, we will need your feedback once again. Unlike trading app features, there is only so much of the subscription system that we can test internally. So we task it upon you, our community, to test the system and report any bugs, suggestions for improvements or other issues to us. You can do this by joining and posting in our Telegram community channel.

To our premium holders, stayed tuned for a major announcement today on DEXTShare. Take care and safe trading everyone!




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