Team Token Review and Burn

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Dear DEXTools Community:

At the beginning of June, we started this project with a lot of hope and the reality has far exceeded our expectations, the fact of reserving a big amount of token for the team was an act of prudence due to the fear that the market would not respond positively to the project and to guarantee its survival during a long period of time with very low token prices, after all, we had come from years of hard Bear market.

Since the result has been the opposite and our project has grown both in value and users, we have decided to return to the community the favor you have done us by welcoming and supporting this project, the way to do this will be to BURN half of the team’s reserves, that is, 50 million tokens, thus reducing our total supply to 150 million DEXT.

The way to do this will be to burn 10 million tokens every month from September 1st until the end of the year 2020, with the last burn coinciding with January 1st, 2021. This will not affect the unlocking schedule of the team’s tokens, and the circulating supply won’t be affected.

We are also working on adjusting the tokenomics and reviewing them for V1 of our app, hopefully, it will be ready soon.

Thanks again to the community for your support.

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