Token Distribution Update, Team release Schedule.

As we have already said, the team tokens will remain locked until the end of the year, the way to release them will be as follows:

We are going to release 10 million every 3 months, counting from January 1 of 2021, First 10 million will be released and after that another 10 million every 3 months. This leads us to release 40 million a year or what is the same, a period of 2 and a half years to release the total supply, which would be in 2023. Meanwhile, the current supply will continue to decrease due to burn.

IMPORTANT: The fact that the supply is released does not mean that it is sold or thrown to the market directly, but that it will simply be available to the team to help with development, exchanges, marketing…and even if the company is performing well, we could decide to burn a part in the future. As a team, we will try to sell the minimum necessary to guarantee the continuity of the project and never harm the price of the DEXT token.

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