2 min readNov 4, 2021

For all Standard Holders

For those that still don’t know DEXT Force, you can read our foundational medium here

Since last year our goal was to create a strong community of traders and investors who benefit from our application and help each other and DEXTools to support our ecosystem.

This initiative was successful and our premium group was the core of our community for many months, but as the market is growing and also our traffic, we feel it’s the moment to increase our reach.

DEXT Force Community Update

To continue our growth and support our community as a family of traders within the DEXTools ecosystem, we are opening the DEXT Force to all holders of 1000 DEXT, the Standard Tier.

This is nominative only and does not include any of the current DEXT Force Ventures benefits.

We are going to a transition and we created a community on Discord for the whole DEXT Force that is more manageable and easy to follow due to its system that allows us to create different channels, roles, pin info (so you don’t miss the latest announcements) and many other things.

100k Tier now is called DEXT Force Premium.

300k Tier remains as DEXT Force Stealth.

ALL DEXT Force Premium current benefits remain exclusive but we will create new incentives for our Standard community in which the Premium will also be able to participate.

What to do now

If you are a Standard holder with at least 1000 DEXT tokens, you can join our new community in the following link:


After you click the Discord join link you need to verify being a human by clicking the button “Prove human” within 60 seconds. After this, you will see the main rules. If you agree with the rules you can type in the “Welcome” channel.

Type the command “/provewallet” and you will get a DM from the DEXT Force HQ bot to prove the wallet. You can choose the network and get a link where you can connect your wallet (best to connect with MetaMask).

When you have enough DEXT in this wallet you will get a DM from the bot again and you get access to the channels you have rights to, depending on the amount of DEXT you have.

Attention: if you connect your wallet on mobile please use the build-in browser (dapp browser) of the wallet app.




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